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Set Up Your Device for Video Visits

San Francisco Health Network now offers Video Visits, which allow you to see your provider without leaving home. You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera to see and hear your provider, all without the inconvenience of travel, parking or time away from work. Also, your device will need internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or cellular data with a strong signal. If you have scheduled a video visit, view below for instructions on getting started. If you haven’t, be sure to discuss video visits with your provider to see if they are right for you.

How to get started!

To get started, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Zoom application for your device.
  2. Test the application on your device by clicking the button below.
  3. Prepare for your visit. Scroll down and click the tab below to see what you will need the day before.

How to download Zoom on an Android:

How to download Zoom on an iPhone:

Patient Guide: Zoom Video VisitsEnglish | Spanish

What will I need to do before the Zoom meeting?
  • Have your 10 digit Zoom meeting ID number ready.  You Usually receive this number by phone or from your care team.
  • Plan a private place to have your visit. It should be in a quiet, well lit-space, with good internet connection  (Wifi or Ethernet connection). Headphones are recommended.
  • Be ready to join the Zoom meeting at least 5 minutes before your scheduled visit time.

Once you are ready to join the meeting follow the steps below:

Join the video visit

  • Open the Zoom app, tap “Join meeting” and enter your provider’s 10-digit meeting ID.
  • Ex: 123-456-7890
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Tap “Join” then “Join with Video

Wait for Your Meeting Time

  • You will automatically be placed in a waiting room.
  • Your screen will display "Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon"
  • Your Provider will admit you when ready. Once admitted:
    • On smartphone/tablet: click "Wi-Fi or Cellular Data"
    • On Computer: click  "Join with Computer Audio"

During your visit

  • Our providers or staff might ask for your ID or other questions to confirm your identity.
  • Your provider will be in their office and will be able to speak with you, just like a normal visit.
  • Once your video visit is complete, tap “Leave” in the upper right corner to leave the meeting.
Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen on the day of my visit?

If your care team gives you a meeting ID for your visit, you can go to the Zoom app, click on the “Join a Meeting” button, and enter that information to join the video appointment. You will be placed into the Zoom waiting room until your provider is ready. Rarely this can take up to 30 minutes.

What is a Video Visit?

It is a live face-to-face visit with your healthcare provider using video on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Where can a Video Visit be done?

It can take place from your home, office, or other private location.

How is a Video Visit done?

You can join a video visit via Zoom. Zoom is an app on your smartphone, computer or tablet. Your provider or care team can send or give you a Zoom meeting ID to join. During the visit, you will use the microphone and camera on your device, and the video call will connect using Wi-Fi or your cellular data.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an app that is private and secure for video calls.

I have never done a Video Visit before, how would I learn what to do?
  1. Someone from your health care team will call you to give all instructions. For example, they will help download the free Zoom app on your device, do a trial video visit, and answer any questions.                                   
  2. A step-by-step instruction sheet and an instruction video for how to download and use the Zoom application is found online at in multiple languages.
What will happen on the day of my visit?
  1. If your care team gives you a meeting ID for your visit, you can go to the Zoom app, click on the “Join a Meeting” button, and enter that information to join the video appointment. You will be placed into the Zoom waiting room for up to 30 minutes until your provider is ready, just like the waiting room in the clinic.
  2. When you connect on Zoom with your provider, the video visits will be the same length as an in-person visit (usually 15-30 minutes).
Why are you offering me a Video Visit?
  1. Your provider will only offer a video visit if they decide it is safe. For example, they might offer a video visit if your next visit does not require a physical exam.
  2. Most providers prefer to see you face-to-face on a video call to make sure they can answer all of your questions as best as possible.
Is it required for me to do a Video Visit?

No, video visits are not required. If you do not want to have a video visit, or you do not have the device or internet or data plan, you can choose phone or in-person visits.

I have safety and privacy concerns. Is this safe for me to do?

Safety and privacy are top priorities for our healthcare system. We choose to use secure apps like Zoom and secure internet connections when we complete video visits with patients.

Are interpreters available to provide translation assistance during a Video Visit?

Yes, interpreters are always available for you for all visits. If you want an interpreter on a video visit, we will connect the interpreter into the visit, often on the phone.

What if I am having technological issues during the Video Visit?
  • Make sure to close other apps on your device besides Zoom. Other open apps can slow the connection. 
  • If you are using headphones, make sure they are connected correctly to your device. 
  • If you CANNOT hear the provider, and you see an icon on the bottom left corner of the app that says “Join Audio”, click on it and select “Join with Computer Audio” (for computers)  or “Wifi or Cellular Data” (for smartphones).  

  • Once an audio selection is made, please make sure that you have clicked on the microphone icon located on the bottom left corner of the screen to turn on the audio.

  •  If you continue to have problems, or if you get disconnected during your video visit, your doctor or healthcare provider may call your phone.