Southeast Health Center – Psychosocial Care

Southeast Health Center – Psychosocial Care 2018-03-28T15:36:21-07:00

Our onsite therapists and social workers provide comprehensive mental, behavioral, and social health care for patients. We also liaison with and can refer patients to the Southeast Child-Family Therapy Center and Bayview Mental Health.

Các dịch vụ của chúng tôi bao gồm:

  • Psychosocial assessments
  • Psychiatric consultations, supportive counseling, and individual therapy
  • Onsite psychiatrist who provides short-term treatment for emotional problems
  • Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) referrals
  • Substance abuse treatment referrals
  • Help in accessing health and social services, such as SSI, Medi-Cal, food, housing and transportation
  • Support groups

Sứ mệnh

To support people functioning in the BVHP community to their highest level possible by helping them:

  • Cope with difficult feelings and family dynamics
  • Move through the grieving process
  • Receive eligibility for financial benefits
  • Find housing and work


To continue to support clients to their highest level possible, provide accessible psychosocial services, and communicate so that clients can understand information given by physicians.