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Khả năng lãnh đạo

Christina Weyer Jamora, PhD
Christina Weyer Jamora, PhDDirector, ZSFG Neuropsychology Services

Dịch vụ của chúng tôi

We provide:

  • Neuropsychological evaluation services
  • Psychological evaluation services

Our Providers

Lauren Mai, PsyD
Lauren Mai, PsyDNeuropsychology Training Director and Staff Neuropsychologist
Languages spoken-English and Vietnamese
Serana Chester, PhD
Serana Chester, PhDStaff Neuropsychologist
Languages spoken-English and Spanish
Jary Larsen, PhD
Jary Larsen, PhDStaff Neuropsychologist
Languages Spoken-English
Mimi Wong, PhD
Mimi Wong, PhDStaff Neuropsychologist
Languages Spoken-English and Cantonese

Helpful Tips for Patients

We are looking forward to seeing your for your appointment. We are located in building 5 (the big grey building), on the 4th floor, 4M clinic. Take care to arrive 5-10 minutes early to your appointment to allow for completing registration. When you arrive for your appointment, check in at the front desk in the 4M Clinic. Please allow at least 3 hours for your appointment.

Please bring to your appointment:

  1. Your eyeglasses (as applies)
  2. A list of current medications and the dosages of each (as applies)

Resources and Links

  • Acquired Brain Injury program at John Adams campus of San Francisco City College-(415) 561-1005
  • ZSFG TBI support group (Free)- 1st Thursday of the month at ZSFGH in the library (3:30 to 4:45p), Building 30, 1st floor in the Library, for more information contact Dr. Jary Larsen at 415-206-8695


  • Located in Main Building 5, 4th Floor, 4M clinic
  • Phone number: 415-206-5236
  • Fax number: 415-206-5241