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Nét (1/17)

Bác sĩ Kristy Yuan cung cấp một cái nhìn tổng quan về quá trình làm việc, điều trị và di chứng của đột quỵ do thiếu máu cục bộ. Cô xem xét các bài thuyết trình thông thường về đột quỵ và thảo luận khi cần đánh giá khẩn cấp. Các loại thuốc được sử dụng để phòng ngừa thứ phát được xem xét lại.

Headaches 1/17

Dr Alexandra Brown reviews common presentations of headaches in primary care. She reviews red flags, when to get imaging, and cases where imaging is not necessary. A list of medications used to prevent and treat headaches are provided.

Hepatitis C

SFHN Providers Kelly Eagan and Coleen Lynch review the impact of Hepatitis C on our patients. They review HCV diagnosis, but focus the presentation on treatment. Providers are guided through screening and treatment guidelines, how to identify appropriate patients and how to navigate the logistics of HCV treatment. In a detailed afternoon session, they empower [...]

Advanced Care Planning January and April 2016

Dr Anne Kinderman of our Palliative Care team reviews end-of-life planning. Using a culturally-sensitive approach, she guides providers as they practice using exercises, games and hand outs to facilitate difficult conversations. She reviews how California's laws impact our practice--including updates to POLST and assisted suicide.

Dermatology 4/27/2016

Dr Toby Maurer goes over common skin problems seen in the primary care setting. Using patient images, she reviews diagnostic criteria, how to treat common conditions and when to refer.