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Community Collaboration Projects

Community Collaboration Projects 2017-11-30T17:04:01-08:00

SF HOT with Mayor Lee

Our outreach efforts extend beyond the individuals that we serve. SF HOT works together with many San Francisco Community Partner Organizations to reduce the impacts of homelessness.

The Navigation Center

The Navigation Center is a collaboration between Episcopal Community Services (ECS), Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC) and city departments including Housing Opportunities, Partnerships, and Engagement (HOPE), the Department of Public Works (DPW), the Department of Public Health (DPH), Human Services Agency (HSA) and the San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SF HOT). The Navigation Center is a temporary site located in San Francisco’s Mission District designed to shelter homeless individuals in a welcoming space where they are able to store belongings, care for pets and come and go without a curfew. It is a comfortable place where couples and communities can stay together.

SF HOT maintains regular counts on new and existing homeless encampments throughout the City. When openings become available at the Navigation Center, SF HOT collaborates with the DPW and HOPE to offer the placements to homeless communities primarily in San Francisco’s Mission District and occasionally other districts throughout the city. When a specific encampment has been selected, SF HOT Street Outreach team begins engaging, assessing and identifying the most appropriate individuals for the Navigation Center. SF HOT makes this determination based on numerous criteria including, but not limited to: length of homelessness, partnerships or couples, number of pets, amount of belongings, each client’s shelter usage over a 6 month period and the individual’s desire to work toward permanent housing. This innovative model is designed to remove the barriers that keep homeless individuals from utilizing shelters and from ultimately securing permanent housing.

Castro Cares Community Benefit District

The Castro Cares CBD is a collaborative pilot program between the Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District, the City of San Francisco, SF Police Department, Patrol Special Police, the Department of Public Health and SF HOT. The program addresses neighborhood quality-of-life issues by providing increased police presence in these areas as well as on-the-street outreach and engagement with the local homeless population.

At the request of Castro Cares CBD, and in conjunction with the San Francisco Police Department, SF HOT provides up to 16 hours a week of targeted street outreach along the Market Street Business District. SF HOT plays a vital role in this initiative by serving the needs of this community’s homeless residents with vital services.

Union Square BID

In collaboration with the Union Square Business Improvement District (BID), SF HOT provides targeted services to the Union Square Area and collects encounter and outreach data to help provide more insights on the area’s population and record the impacts of SF HOT services. The Union Square BID dedicated Care Manager works as a member of a multidisciplinary team comprised of a social worker, nurse practitioner, primary care physician, psychiatric nurse practitioner and housing and financial administrators to locate, evaluate, engage, counsel, transport and refer the area’s homeless individuals to appropriate services.

Golden Gate Park Outreach

In 2013, the Civil Grand Jury Report on Golden Gate’s Homeless Population found that even though homelessness in the GGP had decreased significantly, there continues to be a need to conduct outreach and engagement to those individuals needing services. In response, the SFPD and Recreation and Park Department identified the “Top 15” homeless individuals in the area and created a partnership with SF HOT in order to regularly engage with these individuals and offer them Care Management services.

Every Wednesday morning, the SF HOT/PD/RPD partnership works to identify and engage park dwellers who have not been receiving care in order to provide them with medical assessments and treatment, crisis intervention and linkages to services that can improve their health outcomes. SF HOT’s Community Liaison, Rann Parker attends monthly “Ops Park” meetings with SFPD and Recreation and Park staff to discuss ongoing areas of need in the park and how to best address those issues.

SF Department of Public Works

Four days each week, two members of the SF HOT Street Outreach team accompany an SFDPW crew on their daily route in order to assist the homeless individuals they encounter in complying with SFDPW’s cleanup objectives. The Outreach Specialists act as advocators and mediators on behalf of homeless individuals to reduce conflict and improve cooperation toward the overall health and cleanliness of San Francisco.

During SFDPW accompaniments, the Outreach Specialists help homeless individuals and groups stay informed of and plan accordingly for SFDPW objectives by providing information, building relationships, creating needs-based immediate goals and facilitating connections to appropriate citywide resources and other SF HOT services.

Tenderloin Targeted Outreach

Once every week SF HOT Street Outreach and Medical teams, the Tenderloin Police Department, Joe Healy Medical Detox and Health Right 360 Social Detox coordinate their efforts to conduct a four hour targeted outreach in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. The objectives of the outreach effort are to combine appropriate citywide resources to target high profile, chronically homeless or medically compromised individuals living in the Tenderloin and help these individuals stabilize by connecting them to available resources. Street Outreach