San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team

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2015 SF HOT Staff Photo

Who we are 

The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SF HOT) is a collaboration between the SF Department of Public Health, Human Services Agency, SF Public Library and the non-profit, Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE). The program was reorganized in 2014, 10 years after its formation, to more effectively engage and stabilize the most vulnerable and at-risk homeless individuals and to help prevent the harmful effects of homelessness. Through outreach, medical services, engagement and advocacy, we are dedicated to transitioning individuals into stable living and healthcare environments with access to services that promote greater health and housing retention and reduce vulnerability and the utilization of emergency services.

What we do

We work in small teams to outreach and provide care management and medical services to homeless individuals. Each of our team members have expertise in the many complex barriers to stability. These barriers include mental health disorders, disabilities, lack of ability to trust and hopelessness. By focusing on the needs of our most vulnerable citizens, we hope to greatly reduce the negative effects of homelessness on individuals and the community as a whole.

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