About Us

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Mission Statement:

The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Therapeutic Food Pantry’s mission is to champion health and wellness by combating food insecurity and promoting consumption of healthy foods. The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Therapeutic Food Pantry (TFP) aims to lead the nation in developing comprehensive, clinically-based, community-oriented prescription food programs. TFP provides 1) increased access to healthy foods; 2) unique, hands-on, on-site nutrition education; 3) skills to prepare healthy meals; 4) tools to enable healthier eating habits; and 5) connections to community food resources.


The TFP will be located near the Wellness Center on the 2nd floor of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.


During our pilot year, we will be staffed by a Registered Dietician. In the future, we would like to secure funding for a Community Health Worker to assist with Pantry operations and strengthen community ties. In addition, we will engage volunteers from Vocational Rehabilitation, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Volunteer Services, schools, community groups, and interested medical trainees to help with the maintenance and operations of the Pantry.