We are the SF Health Network

We are the SF Health Network

We are San Francisco’s only complete system of care

Our top goal is to improve the value of services provided to our patients, staff and all San Franciscans

We operate SF General Hospital and Trauma Center, Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center and over 45 clinics throughout the community

Our services include:

Annually we serve more than:

  • 110,000 hospital patients
  • 592,000 outpatient visits
  • 33,000 mental health patients
  • 3,300 trauma incidents

Deb Cohan

Our strengths:

  • UCSF physicians provide specialty, hospital, trauma care, research and teaching expertise
  • Our partnership with UCSF School of Medicine since 1872, attracts physicians who are leaders in their fields and trains tomorrow’s providers
  • Four-star long term care and rehabilitation with a modern, new facility at Laguna Honda
  • Brand new SFGH acute care hospital opening soon – designed for the future with 90% private rooms and a base-isolated foundation- the most earthquake-resistant design known today
  • Public health expertise and programs, caring for individuals and protecting the health of the entire city with a proven track record working with communities and responding to their most pressing health concerns
  • SFGH Birth Center with its evidence-based medicine called safest place to have a baby in California by NY Times
  • Access to LGBT and transgender health care and surgery
  • Cultural and language appropriate services in every neighborhood
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