Всемирная неделя грудного вскармливания 2017 г.

Всемирная неделя грудного вскармливания 2017 г. 2018-07-19T14:06:53-07:00

The SFDPH Lactation Support Collaborative in partnership with Supervisor Katy Tang kicked-off World Breastfeed Week on August 1, 2017 at the San Francisco City Hall which included the opening of a month long photography exhibition that promoted the images of breastfeeding women in San Francisco.

Two local photographers, Samantha Brancato а также Jennifer Longaway, generously donated their time photographing exceptional mothers to raise awareness about the importance of supporting San Francisco’s breastfeeding mothers. The mothers who participated in the exhibition gave us a glimpse into the most intimate and precious moments in their lives. The photographs are a celebration of their breastfeeding journeys that were messy many times but were totally worth it in the end! The events also included a city-wide breastfeeding photo contest.

2017 World Breastfeeding Week Photo Contest Finalist Photos

2017 World Breastfeeding Week Celebration- Photos

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