Family Health Center – Patient Advisory Board

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At the Family Health Center (FHC)  we want to provide a space for patients to give their unique perspective on how to make improvements at the clinic with the goal of better serving all FHC patients. One way we do this is with the Patient Advisory Boards.

Пациент Advisers
Patient Advisory Board Members       Patient Advisory Board Members


Check out our Family Health Center Patient Advisory Board Video


As a patient advisor, you have the opportunity to be on the front lines of change and improvements representing the patients and families of the Family Health Center. We will work together on things like:

  • Improving telephone access
  • Making better educational materials for patients
  • Advice on new clinic policies

Your involvement as a Patient Advisor will give you the ability to provide direct input to the future of the clinic and the improvement of quality of care patients receive.

Make a Difference!
You can become a patient advisor if…

  1. You are a patient or family member of a patient at the Family Health Center
  2. Are committed to work in partnership with others to make  improvements at the Family Health Center
  3. Willing to attend monthly meetings and advocate as a representative for the patients of the clinic for the next 6  months to 1 year

For more information contact: 

Anjana Sharma: (415) 206-4063
Larry Fernandez: (415) 206-6018
Danielle Guidry: (415) 206-2630