PAC Collaborative Seminar Series

PAC Collaborative Seminar Series 2018-02-08T14:44:04-08:00
The PAC Collaborative held three seminars from July 2015 through January 2016 for staff and patients of the San Francisco Health Network who are involved with PACs at their respective health centers.

Seminar Series Goals

  • Provide the necessary tools and skills for clinic staff to develop, sustain, and re-energize Patient and Family Advisory Boards at each SFHN Primary Care Health Center.
  • Provide tools and skills for Patient Advisors to be effective Patient Advisory Board members and members of clinic improvement teams.
  • Provide a space for interchange of ideas, and sharing best practices as well as sharing challenges around integrating the patient voice among all SFHN Primary Care Health Centers.

Seminar Series Content

PAC Seminar Series Timeline

PAC Seminar Series Timeline

July 16th 2015: Session 1

  • Defining roles (Staff and Patient Advisor)
  • Recruitment
  • Representing Patients and Families Served
  • Qualities of a Patient Advisor
  • Recruitment Tools and Strategies
  • Structure of Patient Advisory Board meetings
  • Meeting Logistics/ Guests and Speakers
  • Group Facilitation Workshop

October 15th 2015: Session 2

  • –Introductions
  • –Review, progress update
  • –Mission & Vision
  • –Ground Rules
  • –Setting Advisors up for Success
  • –How to be an effective Patient Advisor
  • –Maintaining Good Communication
  • –Sharing your story: Storytelling Workshop
  • Integrating PAC into clinic culture

January 21st 2016: Session 3

  • –Setting Goals and Project Management
  • –Tracking and Measuring Success
  • –QI 101- Basics of Quality Improvement
  • –Practice Improvement Teams (PIT)
  • Involving patients in committees and Quality Improvement Teams
  • –Appreciation of Staff Liaisons and Patient Advisors (Management team and others invited)