Need to visit a specialist doctor?

Need to visit a specialist doctor? 2018-03-29T13:03:38-07:00

To receive care from a specialty doctor, you will need a referral. Please see your primary care doctor or provider for a referral.

Our network is proud to provide a wide variety of specialty care to our patients. Care is provided by UCSF physicians at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Our UCSF physicians teach doctors who are receiving specialized training.

Service: Treats your:
Anesthesia Pre-Operative preparation for surgery
Breast Cancer and Surgery breast cancer
Burn and Wound burns and wounds
Cardiology heart
Dermatology skin
Endocrinology hormone system including diabetes
Gastroenterology digestive system
General and Trauma Surgery surgery if you’ve been injured or need surgery for your stomach area
Geriatric Clinic elderly
Hematology blood
Hepatology liver
Infectious Disease Clinic infectious disease
Infusion Center chemotherapy for hematology and oncology, IV, injections, blood transfusions
ISIS and Minor Procedures soft tissue infections
Nephrology kidney
Neurology nervous system
Neuropsychology Service looks at your brain’s structure
Neurosurgery surgically treat the brain or spine
Oncology cancer
Ophthalmology and Optometry eyes
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery mouth and jaw
Orthopaedic Surgery bones
Otolaryngology and Audiology ear, nose, and throat
Pain Consultation chronic pain
Plastic Surgery restores the form and function of your body following surgery, injury or burns
Pulmonary chest including asthma
Rheumatology arthritis and immune system
Urology urinary tract and male reproductive system
Vascular Surgery arteries and veins
Women’s Health Center women’s health care, pregnancy care, family planning, OB/GYN
Women’s Options Center women’s options center