Let’s Meet the Community Wellness Program

Let’s Meet the Community Wellness Program

WellnessThe Community Wellness Program, located in the Wellness Center on the 2nd Floor of the main building across from the cafeteria, works to promote and encourage wellness practices among patients, staff, and all San Franciscans. The center supports a broad holistic view of health in which physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health are considered interconnected and essential in achieving improved health and wellness.

It is open to EVERYONE and hosts classes six days a week (Monday – Saturday).

These classes are offered to both patients AND staff. Some examples include programs such as:

  • Financial fitness clinic
  • Nutrition workshop, which are tailored to people who may face economic challenges.
  • A program offered just for staff is the Schwartz Center Rounds: a forum where staff can come together and talk about the emotional, challenging, and rewarding aspects of their work.

The Community Wellness Program also sponsors chronic and acute disease groups that promote self-care wellness strategies as well as provide social support.

  • One example is the CARE program (Cancer Awareness, Resources, and Education) which offers groups in English, Spanish, and Cantonese.

Check out the calendar at sfghwellness.org/calendar/.

Whether you’re a patient, staff, or visitor, stop in and check out what the Community Wellness Program is doing today!


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