The Healing Project

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We are the Healing Project of San Francisco.

child in a gardenWe currently offer wellness services at Potrero Hill Health Center and Silver Avenue Family Health Center.

We look toward a day when free integrative medicine and healthy activities are offered at all of the community clinics within the San Francisco Department of Public Health.


We believe that health care is a human right. Our vision is  to create a sustainable and integrative public health system by making holistic health services available to all.

We have witnessed many of our patient’s lives change through the Healing Project’s promotion of healthy living habits and integrative medicine treatments.  We are eager to expand these services to all of the community clinics within the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

What we offer

We promote and cultivate wellness by providing free services and healthy activities that are relevant to the needs of each community. We work to create healing spaces so that the environment in which we receive our health care nurtures our overall health and well-being. The Healing Project provides free integrative health care to patients in the form of Acupuncture treatments.  We also offer complimentary yoga classes that are appropriate for students of all levels.

Who can get it

All drop-in yoga classes are complimentary and open to the public.

Acupuncture care is complimentary and available by appointment to the patients of each clinic where the services are offered.  Patients must utilize these services at the same clinic where they see their primary health care physician.

Ways to get involved

Try out a yoga class! A limited number of mats, blocks, and straps are available for use,  so please bring your own if you can.  Otherwise, no equipment is necessary, but wear comfortable clothes.

If you want to become involved in Healing Project, please email the Program Coordinator to set up a meeting.

If you want to help the Healing Project financially, we welcome your contribution!  We are funded through a fiscal intermediary, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation (  We can help you navigate how to make donations directly or help you to host fundraising parties to build our budget and expand our community.

Help be a part of the dream.

Write us at

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