Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine

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Maxine Hall Health Center is proud to support a new pilot program called the Therapeutic Food Pantry. This is a model for providers to write a prescription for free healthy food to be picked up at the clinic. The patient advisers have been instrumental in providing feedback, volunteering their time during food distribution and writing letters to local organizations for donation requests. Almost 50 individuals have participated over the past two months.




Silver Avenue Family Health Center

Silver Exchange Food Pantrydistributing food (1)

The Silver Exchange Food Pantry opened its doors this month to provide free food to patients and community

members at Silver Avenue Family Health Center (SAFHC) in the Portola district of San Francisco. In partnership with SF Marin Food Bank, the pantry serves a variety of items,including fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and meat.

The Silver Exchange Pantry addresses a need for affordable nutritious food in a neighborhood with a high level of food insecurity.

Before the opening of the pantry, there was a wait list of over 120 people for the three other pantries in Visitation Valley. The pantry will first open up 25 spots for Portola community members and 25 spots for SAFHC patients, and will grow to serve 100 members.

TRobert passing out cornhe pantry connects with the community through patient-staff partnership. The Silver Exchange Food Pantry is named after, and run by, SAFHC’s patient advisory council, Silver Exchange. The council consists of 10 patients and two staff members who meet monthly to discuss new and innovative ways to improve the patient care experience. The patient advisors partner with staff to run the pantry every Wednesday, including unloading shipment and verifying inventory, passing out fresh food, and making the food pantry a social and enjoyable experience. Through their involvement in the food pantry, the patient advisors help to link SAFHC with the surrounding community.

The pantry is one of several efforts at SAFHC to brinMaya-and-Arvind-300x229g nutritious food and wellness programs to patients andthe community. Other initiatives include cooking classes, exercise group, yoga and Quinoa Day. Silver Avenue Family Health Center staff and patients look forward to the growth of the Silver Exchange Food Pantry and connecting with our Portola community!

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