Citas que debe esperar durante el embarazo

Citas que debe esperar durante el embarazo 2018-03-28T15:44:53-07:00

Prenatal appointments are important for a healthy pregnancy.

When you receive prenatal care in our system, you can expect the following prenatal appointments:

Week Equipo
First visit through Week 28 Appointment every 4-6 weeks
At or near Week 20 Prenatal ultrasound (sonogram)
Week 28 through Week 36 Appointments every 2-4 weeks
Week 36 through Birth Appointments every 1-2 weeks

In the San Francisco Health Network, pregnant women have choices about where and how they get their prenatal care.

Choices for how you get your care:

  • All of our prenatal care sites offer traditional private visits with either a doctor or nurse practitioner. At Zuckerberg San Francisco General Womens’ Health Center, you can also choose to have prenatal care with a midwife.
  • At Zuckerberg San Francisco General Women’s Health Center and Silver Avenue Health Center, we also offer CenteringPregnancy where you attend visits with a group of women due around the same time as you.

Centering Pregnancy

Cuidado Prenatal de Calidad Entre Amigas

Building Community Through Prenatal Care