CHOICE Transportation Pilot Program

CHOICE Transportation Pilot Program

Pilot Program for Potrero Hill Health Center and
Southeast Health Center Patients

CHOICE Transportation Program is a three-year pilot program designed to improve the transportation access of Potrero Hill Health Center and Southeast Health Center patients to health clinics, pharmacies, healthy food options, and other key locations. The program aims to improve health outcomes by removing barriers to transportation.

This is an inter-agency collaboration among SF Department of Public Health, Community Living Campaign, and SFMTA.

C.H.O.I.C.E. Transportation Program: Connecting | Health | Outcomes and | Information | Citywide for | Equity

If you answer “YES” to the following:

  • Need help getting transportation to your doctor’s appointment?
  • Having trouble picking up your prescriptions?
  • Unable to go to the grocery store to purchase healthy food options?
  • Confused on how to ride or get around on public transportation?
  • Need financial assistance paying for Muni or BART?

We may be able to help connect to transportation resources!! Talk to your health care team to get referred to the Transportation Liaison. The Transportation Liaison may be able to help you with the following including:

  • Trip planning and route information – get help navigating around the Bay Area
  • Free Muni within San Francisco for seniors, people with disabilities, and youth
  • Discounted Clipper cards for seniors, people with disabilities, and youth
  • Travel training programs for people new to Muni, (learn how to ride public transit for first-timers, new to mobility aid, etc.)
  • Paratransit and Paratransit shuttle enrollment assistance
  • And more!

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