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Adolescent Anti-Depressants

Dr. Hamilton Holt describes the prevalence and impact of depression and the role that Primary Care plays among adults and children. He shares the impact of race and ethnicity on diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Hamilton describes the benefits of team-based approach for anti-depressants for pediatrics. Adolescent Antidepressant QPM

Non-violent Communication

Dr. Zea Malawa reviews implicit bias in the medical practice with our providers. She describes how individuals feel differently about similar scenarios with different races and offers solutions to observe without bias. She describes what providers can do with their observations, feelings, needs, and requests to provide better care to patients. NVC for QPM

SO/GI and the Care of the Transgender Community

Dr. Rosendale and NP Layla Welborn present on SO/GI and Care of Transgender people at the San Francisco Health Network. They discuss sexual orientation and gender identity terminology, recognize the impact of SO/GI on health and health disparities and explain the value of SO/GI data collection efforts. They share the importance of evolving language and [...]

Palliative Care in Heart Failure: General Principles & Local Resources

Providers Dr. Kinderman and Dr. Strayhorn exhibit Palliative Care in Heart Failure where providers are able to identify opportunities to support patients with heart failure at distinct points, describe resources to meet palliative care needs of patients, and apply principles to patient panels. The providers map out an overview of Palliative Care and the care [...]

Outpatient Management of Heart Failure

Dr. Lucas Zier and Dr. Rachel Stern present on Outpatient Management of Heart Failure where providers learn to articulate contemporary definitions of heart failure and manage care of heart failure patients. They divide the presentation into three parts where providers learn to Define Etiology,the Maintenance of Euvolemia, and Guideline Directed Therapy. Outpatient Management of Heart [...]

Smarter Screening for Prostate Cancer

Physicians Matthew Cooperberg, Nynikka Palmer, and Dean Schillinger collaborate to provide an overview of screening for prostate cancer in Primary Care. Throughout the presentation, they discuss how to increase rates of early detection of aggressive prostate cancer in high risk men. They also discuss how to reduce under-treatment of high-risk disease and unnecessary treatment of [...]

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Kidney Transplantation

Dr. Grubbs presents on the racial and ethnic disparities that come along with a kidney transplant. She also reviews data on disparities on people who donate kidneys and how kidneys are allocated among patients. Furthermore, Dr. Grubbs shares the individual, provider, and system level barriers to kidney transplants. Lastly, she provides potential strategies providers can [...]

Smoking Cessation

Dr. Maya Vijayaraghavan provides an overview of smoking cessation among our patients in Primary Care. She reviews the landscape of tobacco products as well as discusses the methods and resources for smoking cessation counseling. She covers pharmacological treatments and shares smoking cessation updates within the SFHN. Smoking Cessation

Black/African American Health Initiative – the Provider Role

Dr. Ayanna Bennett, Director of Interdivisional Initiatives, provides an interactive presentation that introduces the Black/African American Health Initiative and the important and powerful role providers play in their health. Dr. Bennett describes implicit bias and anti-bias strategies such as Self-critique and Correct Power Imbalances. She dives into how history connects to health among African [...]