Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing 2017-12-01T14:09:26-08:00

Think you may be pregnant?

pregnancy testThe San Francisco Health Network provides private pregnancy tests and counseling. Our staff will help sign you up for insurance or health care payment programs.

These services are free and will be kept private:

  • Pregnancy tests and counseling
  • Prenatal care
  • Abortion services

Estos servicios son gratis y se mantendrán en privado:

  • Pruebas de embarazo y consejería
  • Cuidado prenatal
  • Servicios para el aborto


  • 懷孕測試和輔導
  • 產前護理
  • 人工流產服務

Visit or call a clinic now and ask for a free pregnancy test!

Clinic Telephone Address Languages Spoken
Chinatown Public Health Center (415) 364-7600 1490 Mason Street, 94133 (at Broadway) English, 粵語、國語, tiếng Việt
Family Health Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (415) 206-8609 995 Potrero Avenue, 94110 (at 21st Street) English, Español, 粵語、國語, العربية
Maxine Hall Health Center (415) 292-1300 1301 Pierce Street, 94115 (at Ellis Street) English, Español, 粵語、國語
Ocean-Park Health Center (415) 682-1900 1351 24th Avenue, 94122 (between Irving and Judah Streets) English, Español, 粵語、國語, Russian, tiếng Việt
Potrero Hill Health Center (415) 920-1250 1050 Wisconsin Street, 94107 (between Connecticut and 23rd Streets) English, Español, 粵語、國語, Português, Tagalog
Women’s Health Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (415) 206-3409 1001 Potrero Avenue, 5M, 94110 (at 22nd Street) English, Español, 粵語、國語, Tagalog
Silver Avenue Family Health Center (415) 657-1710 1525 Silver Avenue, 94134 (at San Bruno Avenue) English, Español, 粵語、國語, Tagalog, tiếng Việt
Southeast Health Center (415) 671-7000 2401 Keith Street, 94124 (bet. Armstrong and Bancroft Avenues) English, Español, 粵語