Pregnancy Care

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From family planning through pregnancy care – our programs are designed to support you.

The San Francisco Health Network provides access for everyone needing health care in our city. Our diverse staff welcomes patients of all cultures and languages. As a patient, you may receive prenatal care in one of our primary care clinics or at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s Women’s Health Center.

Our new Birth Center opened in May 2016 on the second floor of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center’s new building. The same great care that we have always provided is now available in a modern and welcoming hospital. In the new hospital, we are excited to provide more private rooms for you, your baby, and family.

When you’re pregnant, we want the best possible care for you and your baby. Our hospital is one of only 3 hospitals in Northern California to be recognized by the World Health Organization and UNICEF as a Baby Friendly Hospital. This means that our staff work hard every day to support breastfeeding moms and their babies. Other ways that our Birth Center staff support moms, families and babies:

  • Support for normal childbirth, with the second lowest c-section rate in California
  • Highest rate of successful vaginal birth after a previous c-section (VBAC) in California
  • Option of vaginal birth for twins and for breech babies
  • Choice of doctors or midwives for care during labor and childbirth
  • Free doula services to provide labor support

Looking for information about birth control? Please check out BEDSIDER, which provides information about birth control options. Talk with your provider about what option may be best for you.

Where You Can Get Prenatal Care and Family Planning Services in San Francisco

Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Family Health Center

Women’s Health Center

Other Community Partners

Mission Neighborhood Health Center